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DVD Release




GIGANTIC NEWS!! GIGANTIC DVD will be released on AUGUST 11, 2009.  Be first in line & pre-order your copy today!

‘Gigantic’ is Leonard Maltin’s Pick-of-the-Week

We’ve just received word that esteemed critic Leonard Maltin will be spotlighting Gigantic on his weekly radio segment for Entertainment Tonight, which is syndicated across the country.

He says: “Gigantic is a small, sexy, very offbeat romantic comedy that won me over completely. If you have a taste for quirky little films you definitely ought to give this one a try.”

Be sure to catch ET ‘IN THEATERS’ RADIO SHOW on your local station this weekend.

more video – WAMG interviews Paul

on Gigantic, acting, and Where the Wild Things Are!

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in case you missed our Gen Art night…

…like I, your faithful blogger, did. Here’s a look at the revelry.

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more pictures from the Nylon screening

hot off the presses: Paul Dano on the cover of Nylon Guys

More pictures can be seen on Nylon’s site.

does ‘Gigantic’ qualify as mumblecore?

from the review by Mark Taylor:

Matt Aselton’s debut feature, Gigantic doesn’t officially qualify as a mumblecore movie according to David Denby’s recent definition in the New Yorker, but it comes pretty damn close. Its main characters are young, “intermittently employed,” and fall into bed (or into the back seat) after an awkward flirtation. Brian (Paul Dano) lives in “moderately hip poverty” and isn’t particularly driven in the career department. He is only slightly articulate when describing his emotions, which range from somewhat beleaguered to slightly overwhelmed…

…It’s fun to watch two extremely quirky actors play such oddball characters, and to view a film that drops all pretense to realism. These characters with these particular motivations exist only in a certain kind of independent film. They come together, blurt out frank and challenging statements, act and react with the off-kilter spontaneity one — at least this one — rarely finds in real life, no matter how bohemian or alternative.