‘Gigantic’ is Leonard Maltin’s Pick-of-the-Week

We’ve just received word that esteemed critic Leonard Maltin will be spotlighting Gigantic on his weekly radio segment for Entertainment Tonight, which is syndicated across the country.

He says: “Gigantic is a small, sexy, very offbeat romantic comedy that won me over completely. If you have a taste for quirky little films you definitely ought to give this one a try.”

Be sure to catch ET ‘IN THEATERS’ RADIO SHOW on your local station this weekend.


3 responses to “‘Gigantic’ is Leonard Maltin’s Pick-of-the-Week

  1. Am I the first who comments everything? I can’t wait until it releases in Germany. When will the DVD be released in the US? I really want to see this movie 😀

  2. Congrats guys, have to say I couldn’t agree with Mr Maltin more… most i’ve enjoyed a film in a long time.

    Go Gigantic! 😉

  3. Hi I was wondering .. coz I hate to guess though seem to know the answer but I wanted to be sure …
    Did the girl got pregnant?

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