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more video – WAMG interviews Paul

on Gigantic, acting, and Where the Wild Things Are!

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more pictures from the Nylon screening

hot off the presses: Paul Dano on the cover of Nylon Guys

More pictures can be seen on Nylon’s site.

Exclusive Photos of Zach Galifianakis Behind the Scenes

USA Today Pop Candy scooped┬áthis photo of Zach’s stunt double, Paul, and Zach himself.

Village Voice asks Paul Dano Five Questions

VV: In Gigantic you play a mattress salesman. Although you’ve been acting practically your whole life, have you ever had a mundane job?

PD: I remember selling candy out of my locker in middle school, but at the time I thought that was Big Pimpin’.

Read more here.

New York Times: Paul Dano of Gigantic, Chasing Stardom, in No Particular Rush

The Gray Lady profiled Paul today. We’re delighted.

Read the complete article by MELENA RYZIK here.

Listen to The Playlist

Update: Director Matt Aselton Talks The Ambiguous And Clipped Tones Of ‘Gigantic’

They know what they’re talking about.

Thank you, The Playlist, for championing our little film, even though you probably didn’t know this little blog existed until maybe a week ago.

Gigantic clip #4 – Chinese baby on the blackmarket

Starring the hilarious Ian Roberts from Upright Citizens Brigade –

This one premiered on today.